Bialystok PLUS funding

The main sponsor of the study is the Medical University of Bialystok. The pilot study was co-financed by Mayor’s Office of Bialystok. Currently we conduct also several externally funded projects that base on the Bialystok PLUS project and allow covering partial costs of the study.  We plan to apply for additional funds for particularly cost and workforce demanding studies like magnetic resonance imaging, stomatological assessment with periodontal fluid sampling, respiratory air condensate sampling, stool processing with microbiome analysis. Hopefully, their results will complement the presented study creating even more comprehensive picture of health and disease. The analysis of the biomaterial obtained, processed and stored within the scope of current project will require also additional funds, directed to evaluation of newly formulated hypotheses. Precise study plan and description of current project will prevent from double financing of the same procedures, however one must understand that the full potential of the project can be utilized only when additional prospective sources of financing are found.